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Many students and young people come to Barcelona to study and experiment what this vibrant city has to offer. When you are a newcomer in such a big city, there are many things to take into account and look for before arriving.

The first thing you need to know if the exact dates of your stay in Barcelona. It is mandatory to check the starting dates of your courses before renting the apartment, you must know when you would like to move to the apartment and when are you going to leave it. Once you are sure about the exact dates, you should start looking for the available flights for your period. During high season, the prices of the flights can increase, so you might want to book your flight some time before your arrival to the city. Once your flight is booked, you can start looking for your accommodation in Barcelona!

My Space Barcelona offers you more than just accommodation we all also offer you the best experience of Barcelona. Thousands of students like you come to Barcelona every year with the desire of sharing experiences, knowledge and good moments. You can also create an atmosphere that will follow you whenever you feel away from home. In My Space Barcelona we do not only offer accommodation for students but also a place where instead of sharing a flat you will be sharing your stay in Barcelona, with students from other nationalities which will luckily turn into your family away from home.

To feel safe during the booking process of an apartment, it doesn’t matter if it is a bedroom or an apartment you should always rent it through a company like us instead of a private user from the Internet.