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When is the best time to visit Barcelona?

Barcelona is basically a city which can be visited all over the year. Its mild climate make it an ideal destination no matter the season. Although it is certain that if you are looking to spend some time at the beach, it is best to come during the summer, you can for example enjoy the sun during the spring or even come during the winter if you do not care you can even come during the winter, you need to note that the prices will vary according to the season.

The spring certainly is the best season to visit the city as it is not as crowded as the summer. Moreover, this season also is the one where the weather is the best one, with sunny days but also reasonable prices, not like during the high summer.

As spring begins, the nice weather finally gets back to Barcelona. Although in other parts of Europe, spring tends to be rainier and grey, in the Condal city, the temperatures already start to raise. If you are planning to visit Barcelona during this season, you will surely be able to walk around the beach or the city-centre, grab a bit of sun at La Barceloneta or simply on a terrace, but also enjoy a nice meal outside. Would you like it?

Even though the whole Mediterranean region starts to enjoy nicer temperatures during spring and all destinations are quite easy to flight to. Barcelona still offers an extra other destinations do not. Hence, Barcelona also is ideal for a great weekend as it not only offers sun and beach but also plenty of museums, a typical gastronomy, monuments…

Now has come the time for you to plan your trip to Barcelona. As of the ease to book an apartment and the very large offer, you will need to take certain things into account! For example: will you travel alone, with your children or even with the whole family? What are you really planning to do? What excursions would you like to do?

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In this article, we will give your several ideas of what to do during spring in Barcelona.

Starting from the end of March, the temperature gets very mild, the sun shines bright and only a few rainy days are to be expected. At this period, the terraces fill themselves up and you may well be one of many enjoying a vermut on one of those. While you get closer to el Borne, one of the neighborhoods of Ciutat Vella, have a walk around the different splendid squares, eventually stopping at a café to enjoy a drink in the sun which is at that period delicious.

Furthermore, this time of the year is ideal to explore the city by bike compared to the summer when the climate is warm and humid. Barcelona truly is a perfect city to move around by bicycle as it will take you to every part of the city very easily.

Going to the beach. Starting from Eastern, if the weather allows it, it is the perfect moment to start going to the beach. While in May and June the beach weather will truly start, over Eastern, the water may still be cold, but the air of 22/ 23 degrees and the sun will make it comfortable for you to lay down at the beach and enjoy the calm.

The food. Gastronomy in the Mediterranean region is really diversified and while the temperature will start to raise, the restaurant will offer many different refreshing dishes. Try some of the homemade ice cream, fruit juice or even ice coffees. It is the best moment to try out famous refreshing cocktails like the Mojitos.

If this still does not convince you, spring also is the season where many event get organized in the city. There are plenty of concerts and main celebrations in June. For example, this is the month where the 2 famous festivals Sonar and Primavera Sound take place. Even though it is true that the prices of the hotels and apartments are very high during that season, you need to experiments once in your life the city of Barcelona during those days. As events are taking place every weekend in the city, do not forget to inform yourselves on what is being organized during the different weekends.

You will also find many open air markets in Barcelona. The Palo Alto market in Poble Nou as well as many others open again during spring and are a nice place to go shopping.

Take a visit to the many parks the city has to offer! You will surely find the right one to make a picnic, relax a bit and enjoy some quiet time in this exciting city. The Parc de la Ciutadella for example is located in the middle of the city and offers a great opportunity to sit down in the sun and have a picnic.

Montjuïc. Montjuïc is one of the many hills found in Barcelona and can be accessed from the city-centre directly. Over there, the view over the city and the port is incredible. The place being huge, many only go there to visit its castle or any other specific attraction like the Dalí Museum, the Botanic garden.

Spring really is the ideal moment to visit our incredible city. If we happened to convince you to come, and pay us a visit at My Space Barcelona, we will find the best place to host you!

Place to stay in Barcelona during spring

If you are planning your visit this spring, note that we are offering places to stay in many different parts of the city. If you would like to be close to the beach, it is best to look for an apartment at la Barceloneta o even la Vila Olimpica. You will there certainly enjoy some romantic walks at the dam or even do some sports in the morning. Hence many go there for a run. The seaside host many seafood restaurants as well as the best places to go out in the evening.

If you prefer to be closer to the parks and hills which are surrounding the city and spend an authentic stay, we can propose you the neighborhood of Gracia with its amazing Parc Guëll, best piece of art of Gaudi. If you wish to be in the middle of the city-centre and walk around the tiny streets of the old town, you should look for something in the Gothic quarter or el Born.

If you rather stay in the most prestigious neighborhood of Barcelona like Pedralbes, Sarrià, Tres Torres, Galvany, Bonanova y Tibidabo we have what you need, whether you would like to stay for a few weeks or even for several months. Envied by other neighborhoods, loved by the tourists and business men, enquired by those who would like to live comfortably, the city of Barcelona and more specifically the upper part is a place where many wish to live but only a few live in.

Those 6 neighborhoods of Barcelona not only are synonym of luxury but also of a great beauty as they are on top of the city. They also count many amazing restaurants, typical stores, offer quiet and security.

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