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The first time in Barcelona can be challenging for several reasons. Once a tourist, it becomes quite easy to fall into traps, spend too much money or even have expectations that do not correspond to reality.

With this city being an increasingly popular destination with each passing year, there are certain things that tourists should avoid so that they do not become the target of, for example, the many pickpockets that Barcelona has.

That is why we have put together a list of things you should not do while visiting the Catalan capital:

1 - Expect people to speak English

Apart from the fact that Barcelona is a city that receives a lot of tourists throughout the year, it is difficult to find someone who speaks good English. Interestingly, even in the tourism industry, it is difficult to communicate with locals unless you speak Spanish or Catalan.

2 - Standing on the wrong side of the escalator

At rush hours, the metros in Barcelona are usually packed with people. Changing lines can be chaotic as people are usually in a hurry to get to work. Therefore, in big cities, it is a rule to stand on the right side of the escalators so that people in a hurry can walk on the left side.

3 - Eating in Las Ramblas

We all know by now that Las Ramblas are one of Barcelona's main tourist attractions. However, not everything on this great avenue will give you worthwhile experiences.

While walking along the Ramblas you have to watch out for pickpockets who easily and quickly manage to cheat tourists. Also, you should not be tempted to try all the restaurants there. As it is a tourist area, prices are high even if they do not correspond to the quality of the food. So, if you want to try a good paella, there are better restaurants than the ones you will find in Las Ramblas.

4 - Speak loudly on the streets of Barcelona at night

The city's older neighbourhoods are full of narrow streets that are very close together and are home to many locals. Therefore, even a simple late night conversation between two people on the street can be annoying for neighbours who are already in their seventh sleep.

5 - Taking a taxi anywhere you go

Barcelona is a very accessible city to visit on foot. Besides, taking a taxi will not save you time to get to the places as the traffic is very real and a bit slow. If walking is not always an option, there are plenty of public transports that will get you where you want to go. The metro network, for example, has eight lines and over 150 stations, so you can go all over the city.

Now we think you are ready to experience Barcelona to the fullest.


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