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Public transport in the city

When choosing an apartment to rent for months in Barcelona it is very important to take into account the type of transport we are going to use. The public transportation system in Barcelona is very well developed and you can get almost anywhere by subway, it also has more than 230 bus lines and more than 30-night bus lines, in addition to the funiculars, tram and cable cars.

TMB's integrated travel card system allows travel on buses, metro, the tram and the two train services Renfe and FGC. It also allows transfers of up to an hour and a half to an hour and a quarter from the first validation of the card. The card must be validated at each transfer regardless of the means of transport. It is very important to have the card at hand until the end of the trip.

Most used TMB cards:

T-Casual: can be used by one person for 10 trips. It is the best option if you make less than 30 trips per month. 
Price: 11,35 €.

T-Usual: it is a monthly card with no limit of trips valid for 30 days from the first trip. It is personal and non-transferable. To buy it you must present your identity document. It is the best option if you must make more than 30 trips per month.
Price: 40 €.

T-Group: can be used for 70 trips in 30 days by several people.
Price: 79,45 €.

T-Jove: for students under 25 years old, valid for 90 days from the first validation. It is personal and non-transferable. Proof of age must be provided. It is ideal for under 25 years old.
Price: 80 €.

-In some metro or train stations, you have to insert the travel card to be able to leave the station at the end of the trip, this is why it is very important to have it at hand.
-You must always validate your old travel card when using public transport.
-If you are stopped by an inspector and you do not have the metro card, the minimum fine is 100 €.

Curiosities about the main metro stations:

Plaza Catalunya

It opened on June 10, 1926, but was reopened in 1928 to allow the construction of the RENFE tunnel between Plaça Catalunya and Estació del Nord.

Apartments near this station:

Longest transfers

The longest are those at Gràcia with a corridor measuring 256 meters. The length of the Gràcia transfer is due to a subway parking lot that prevented the construction of a shorter corridor between lines L3 and L4.

Apartments near this station:


The idea of building a subway railroad line connecting the port of Barcelona with the upper part of the city began to be built in 1924 although the idea came up in 1907 and it is the section between Lesseps-Plaza Catalunya.

Apartments near this station:


The station was inaugurated in 1929 although it was not opened to the public until 1954. It connects the center of the city to the upper part of the city and the outskirts such as Sant Cugat, Terraza and Sabadell. The station has an elevator and 6 train lines.

Apartments near this station:

If you come to the city for tourism, our recommendation is to use the metro, as it is the fastest way to get to any part of the city. All our apartments for days in Barcelona are very close to metro and bus stations. 

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