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Since the coronavirus health crisis, more and more people are working remotely and therefore have the freedom to decide where they are going to live. This is why we hear more and more concepts such as digital nomad or traveller/workation. But what do these words really mean? Let's start by clarifying the concepts. 

1. Digital nomad is a person who uses the Internet to perform their occupation and/or to sell their knowledge to other people or companies (Antonio G., Escuela Nómada Digital). To understand, those people who work remotely and that allows them to live in different places for temporary periods.

2.Workation: is the mixture of work + travel, or work + vacation.

To be a digital nomad is not to have a specific profession but to lead a different lifestyle. These people are not tied to an office, but they start from the idea that their office or workspace can be anywhere in the world. All you need is a good Internet connection and a laptop.

To learn more about what it is to be a true digital nomad, we recommend you to visit the following blog: Digital nomad: what it is, types and how to become one.

Barcelona Turisme has seen a clear opportunity to capture this type of profile now that tourists have disappeared in the city. These long-term or temporary visitors allow the sector to deseasonalize and also integrate into the daily life of the city.

Thanks to the city's good climate, outdoor quality of life, gastronomy, culture, etc., Barcelona is one of the preferred cities to welcome digital nomads who come to the city looking for a change in their lives.

Under the slogan "Move your desk, change your life", Barcelona Turisme launches a program to attract foreigners who come to telework, offering them a package with 4 products: accommodation + medical insurance + Barcelona Workation card (with access to 25 museums in Barcelona for 6 months) + agreements with sports clubs, co-working, transport, etc...

From My Space Barcelona we can offer you accommodation with high speed internet connection, located in the center of Barcelona and with all the comforts of home.

These are some of the amazing apartments we can offer you for your workation: