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Joan Miró

He was a painter, sculptor, engraver and Spanish ceramist, considered one of the leading representatives of surrealism, born in 1893, on April 20 in Barcelona.

In his work reflected his interest in the subconscious, as "childish" and their country. At first it was strongly influenced Fauves, Cubists and Expressionists, moving to a flat paint with a certain naive, as is his famous painting the 1920 farmhouse. After his stay in Paris, his work becomes more dreamlike, coinciding with the points of surrealism and joining this movement.


In numerous interviews and writings dating back to the 1930s, Miró expressed his desire to leave the conventional methods of painting, in their own words “kill, kill or rap” in order to promote a form of expression that was contemporary, and will not kowtow to their demands and aesthetics even with its commitments to the Surrealists.


One of his major projects was the creation in 1975 of the Joan Miró Foundation, located in Barcelona, cultural and artistic center to disseminate new contemporary art trend, becoming a large collection of works donated by the author, other important places funds of his works are the Pilar and Joan Miro Foundation in Palma de Mallorca, the Reina Sofia in Madrid, the Centre Pompidou in Paris (Musée National d' Art Moderne) and the MOMA in New York.


You can visit the Joan Miró Foundation in Barcelona, was opened its doors to the public on June 10, 1975. Its origins are linked to the first major exhibition of Joan Miró in Barcelona in 1968, in the old Hospital de la Santa Creu. Several personalities from the world of art and culture now perceived to have the historic opportunity, in Barcelona, of a benchmark of Miró's work. According to the artist's wishes, the new institution was to promote awareness and dissemination of latest art in all its forms.



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