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Fábrica Lehmann

Although today the Lehmann Factory is considered one of the most important and dynamic creative spaces in the city of Barcelona, its beginnings were quite different…

In 1891, the land where the factory is now located was then owned by Mrs. Maria Zanni, who at that time wanted to build a fence, a house, a collector, the pavement and a passage for carriages. Initially, in a project that was drawn but not built, a building with a ground floor and 5 floors was planned, although in the end only the ground floor, one floor and a central passageway were built, which today remains exactly in its current position.

On the other hand, Ernst Paul Lehmann was one of the most important toy manufacturers in the world.

In 1893, Lehmann decided to set up one of his factories in Barcelona, right on the land owned by Mrs. Maria Zann, from there began the history and the name of Fábrica Lehmann.

Moreover, the story goes that during the Civil War, the factory's main dedication was to manufacture plates and cutlery for a single client: the Republican army.

Years later, specifically after the war, the site remained unchanged but gradually began to be occupied by new tenants with small businesses, such as a printing press, a mechanical workshop, a carpentry shop, a metalworker's shop, and so on. This led to changes in the existing buildings.

Little by little, and in order to respond to this new demand, the new owner Mr. Josep Soldevila Canaleta kept the name Lehmann and began to compartmentalise, transform and extend the premises from 1943 onwards.

Finally, over the last 20 years, the space has been occupied by around twenty studio-workshops with fashion designers, graphic designers, photographers, artists, art galleries, ceramists, interior designers, architects, show business people, antique dealers, painters, carpenters… Always with a bohemian atmosphere and very similar to other places that we can still find today in big cities such as Paris, Milan or Berlin.


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