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FC Barcelona is one of the greatest clubs in history and for many, it is the team that has played the best football over the years.

Being one of the most popular teams in the world, FC Barcelona has some curiosities that certainly everyone would like to know:

1. One of the oldest clubs in Spain

FC Barcelona was founded in 1899. Of the teams that have played a season in the first division, FC Barcelona is the fourth oldest.

2. It's more than just football

Although it is known worldwide for its football team, the club is also made up of other sports disciplines, such as basketball, handball, roller hockey, indoor football, athletics, skating, rugby, ice hockey, wheelchair basketball, beach football, and volleyball.

3. Celebrations in Canaletas

FC Barcelona fans gather at Canaletas to celebrate the team's titles. Although it is not exactly the biggest fountain in the city, it has accompanied the team for almost 100 years.

4. The most valuable team

With a value of $4.76 billion, Forbes magazine ranked FC Barcelona as the most valuable football club in the world.

5. Camp Nou is among the greatest

With a capacity of 99,354 people, Camp Nou is the largest football-only stadium in the world and the 12th largest stadium in terms of capacity, taking into account all disciplines.

6. Played in seven different camps

The team has had seven different stadiums throughout its history. Although they have played at Camp Nou since 1957, FC Barcelona's first official match was at a velodrome.

7. It has always been in the First Division

FC Barcelona is one of three teams in Spain to have played every season in the Spanish First Division alongside Real Madrid and Athletic Club.

Now that you know a lot of interesting facts about FC Barcelona, it's time to come to Barcelona and explore this amazing city!

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