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Whether it’s summer or winter, ice cream is always welcome! Even more so if that ice cream is enjoyed in one of the many ice cream stores that Barcelona has.

With the heat, which is a constant during many months throughout the year in Barcelona, good ice cream can be the perfect company for many people while visiting the most touristic city in Spain.

Interestingly, all the ice cream stores are artisan and the ice creams are made in-house. Although some have more variety than others, they all bet on authentic and original flavours, making you feel as if you were, in fact, eating the food itself.

Despite the challenge, we have managed to put together 6 ice cream stores that cannot be missed by anyone when visiting Barcelona.

1. Obrador Delacrem

This ice cream store bets on classic flavours (they make ice cream with seasonal fruit), but they also take risks and make their own recipes that make their ice cream unique - vegan cashew cream, apricot and cashew cream and roasted apricots with rosemary.

2. Parallelo

At Parallelo ice cream store, processed products are NOT a thing for their ice creams - everything is made in-house and from scratch. Thanks to its artisan ethic, all its ice creams express the sensations of each of the different seasons of the year.

3. Kurimu

Kurimu is a traditional Italian ice cream store, but with one big differentiating point - all the ice creams have a Japanese touch. With "creamy" being the true meaning behind the name of this irreverent ice cream store, Kurimu promises ice creams that will make you travel to Asia.

4. Baboia

If you think you've tried the most eccentric flavours of ice cream, you're wrong... The Baboia ice cream shop still manages to surprise you.

5. Oggi

An ice cream store that has over 25 flavours and calls itself artisan? It's doubtful, but 100% true. At Oggi, all their ice creams are made from scratch and they condemn processed products such as sugars and colourings.

6. Gelaaati Di Marco

Probably one of the best Italian ice cream parlours in Barcelona. We can all agree that this statement says it all about this ice cream store, right? All you have to do is go and try it!

Is your mouth watering already?


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